Microsoft Vlsc Agreement Number

Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) is a web portal that allows its customers to manage and track their Microsoft Volume Licensing agreements. To access the VLSC, customers need to have a VLSC agreement number. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Microsoft VLSC agreement number.

What is a Microsoft VLSC agreement number?

A Microsoft VLSC agreement number is a unique identifier assigned to each customer who purchases a Microsoft Volume Licensing agreement. The agreement number is used to access the VLSC portal where customers can manage their licenses, download software, and access support services.

Where can I find my VLSC agreement number?

To find your VLSC agreement number, you can check your order confirmation email, the licensing agreement paperwork, or contact your Microsoft licensing partner. The agreement number is unique to each customer and cannot be shared with others.

Why is the VLSC agreement number important?

The VLSC agreement number is essential for accessing the VLSC portal and managing your Microsoft Volume Licensing agreements. Without the agreement number, you will not be able to access the portal and manage your licenses, which can limit your ability to make changes to your licensing agreements.

What can I do with the VLSC portal?

The VLSC portal offers several features that allow customers to manage their Microsoft Volume Licensing agreements. These features include:

1. License management: Customers can view their license agreements, track usage, and download software and product keys.

2. Support services: Customers can access Microsoft support services, including technical support, customer service, and online training resources.

3. Software downloads: Customers can download software and updates for their licensed applications.

4. Reports and analytics: Customers can view reports and analytics on their licensing agreements, including usage reports and license compliance assessments.


The VLSC agreement number is a vital component of Microsoft Volume Licensing agreements. It allows customers to manage their licenses, access support services, and download software updates. If you have lost your VLSC agreement number, you should contact your Microsoft licensing partner to retrieve it. With the VLSC portal, customers can streamline their licensing agreements and ensure compliance with Microsoft`s licensing policies.

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